Congratulations on your new purchase of personalized underwear from The Cheeky Boutique (Etsy Shop: PersonalizedPanties)

Spend a little bit of extra time caring for all your underwear. It’s far better for your underwear collection if you hand-wash them, especially if the underwear has personalization, extra beading or special trims.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Do not place it in the washing machine, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Keep in mind that if the water is too warm, the elastics in your underwear will break down and your underwear will shrink. Luckily, cooler water can ‘shock’ elasticized underwear closer to their original shape. 

Always use a mild detergent or a specially designed lingerie wash to clean your personalized underwear collection. Never use a washing machine detergent, Woolite, or any product containing bleach as these will be too harsh on your underwear and can deteriorate the elastic and the personalization. Rinse your underwear well in cool water until the water runs clear. 

DRYING - Avoid the temptation to twist your personalized underwear to wring them out, instead finish by gently drying them inside a soft towel. Lay your underwear flat on a towel and then lay another towel over the first one and press to remove any excess water. Afterwards, let your underwear lay flat against the towel to dry. Throwing your personalized underwear in the dryer is a big NO-NO, it may save time but your personalized underwear will come out looking less than perfect and your letters could lift.

Please treat it with care while wearing it. Avoid spas, pools and tanning oils as this will stretch elastic in some of our underwear or remove the personalization.  All personalized underwear should be treated as delicately as you would jewelry. 

WASHING MACHINE: The Last Resort Ideally, you would always hand-wash your personalized underwear collection, but let’s be honest- sometimes there’s simply no time (We know ladies and gentleman have busy schedules between juggling jobs, saving the world and looking fabulous, so hand-washing your personalized underwear collection may require more time than you can spare).  When using the washing machine, remember to always place your personalized underwear in a mesh bag, with like colors, to ensure your underwear will not snag and tear. 

Always use gentle detergent in cool water on the delicate cycle. If you machine-wash your personalized underwear, do not put them in the dryer afterwards. 

Please follow the drying steps listed above. 

All personalized underwear is tested to ensure all letters are securely attached prior to being packaged and shipped. If for some reason a letter has been lifted while in your possession you can turn the underwear inside out, place a t-shirt over the personalization and iron over that area.