Scary but true: The wrong wedding panties can totally ruin the look of your gorgeous wedding gown. Shopping for panties might not be as exciting as finding your dream dress, but don't overlook the importance of this piece. Stakes are high when it comes to bridal fashion; the last thing you want is any visible lumps or panty lines.⁠

Use your first dress fitting as a chance to learn what kind of lingerie works best. Resist the urge to buy before that point. You'll learn a lot more about what type of garments you need once you see the dress on your body and know what alterations need to be made.⁠


What type of panties you should buy always depends on the dress. Think of your options in three categories: classic, seamless, and shaping.⁠


Dresses that are voluminous or made of thicker fabrics allow brides to have fun with their wedding lingerie. When a bride has room beneath the dress, we encourage her to express her personality and choose something that makes her feel amazing. So the short answer is, wear whatever you want, like a pair of personalized panties something a bit more racy and adventurous.⁠


Slim-fitting dresses or those made of a single layer of material often require underwear that lies flat and smooth. A nude-colored Commando thong will always work, but brides also shouldn't feel limited to just that one option. In 90% of cases, a bride could wear a smooth lace thong like you see pictured here with no problems; just make sure to look for one made from high-tech, seamless flat lace.⁠


Dresses that highlight body parts sometimes call for strategic shapewear. Luckily, there are increasingly beautiful options for shapewear, so don't feel like you're stuck with nude-colored boy shorts.⁠

The one thing to keep in mind when shopping for shapewear? It absolutely has to fit correctly, or you risk being "cut off" in weird places. "We usually recommend a high-waisted thong, which gives a smooth, seamless fit through the bodice. But if you're really nervous about lines, try going with a full slip.⁠

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